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DMA General Meeting


DMA General Meeting on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at T.J. Chumps in Huber Heights.

6:00PM Social Networking.
7:00PM Brief Announcements.
7:15PM The Presentation will be a Panel Discussion addressing the pros and cons of Net Neutrality.

DMA Presents Both Sides of the Net Neutrality Discussion

“The Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality” will be the next General Meeting topic of the Dayton Microcomputer Association, Inc., (DMA). The meeting takes place Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at TJ Chumps at 7050 Executive Blvd., Huber Heights, OH. Face-to-face social networking, with optional you-pay, off-the-menu meals, begins at 6 PM. The panel discussion on Net Neutrality begins shortly after 7:00 PM. Admittance is free to anyone interested in this topic.

The panel participants are:

Zach Heck, attorney with the Dayton office of the Taft law firm, has broad experience including the litigation of technology-related matters, and developing creative compliance programs that blend well with existing business practices;
Vance M. Saunders, the Director of Cyber Security Programs and an instructor in the Computer Science & Engineering Department at Wright State University; and
DMA member Edwin Davidson, a member of Screen Actors Guild (SAG), a stand-up comic, producer and actor, as well as a technician.

As always, a DMA general meeting offerings will be followed by a Q & A session on the main topic. The DMA leadership is presenting information about this important topic as a free service to the entire Miami Valley community.

Additional information on this meeting topic, the Dayton Microcomputer Association, and its many Special Interest Groups (SIGS), is available at Questions about this presentation or other inquiries about the DMA may be addressed through a form on

About The Dayton Microcomputer Association, Inc. (DMA):

The Dayton Microcomputer Association, Inc. (DMA), established in 1976., is the oldest continuously-run computer and technology user group in Southern Ohio and is one of the oldest computer user groups in the world. The DMA membership consists of Dayton–area professionals and hobbyists interested in computing and digital information technology. General membership meetings typically take place on the last Tuesday of each month (except in December). In addition to its general meeting—which covers new and innovative topics including a wide range of generic, technological issues, the DMA also offers Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which address concerns about specific technology interests including digital investing, genealogy and the Linux operating system. There are 10 different SIGs sponsored by the DMA.

Typically, computer user groups, and the newer iteration, technology user groups, are volunteer-run operations. The DMA is an all-volunteer-led, organized and run, 501c(3) non-profit organization.

There are hundreds of computer (or technology) user groups in the world—all of which continue to foster improved communication between technological equipment and software manufacturers and publishers—with users of those products. User groups (both computer and technology) also provide an environment where more astute technology users introduce and share additional and advanced techniques to those who are less informed about technology.

For nearly 25 years, the Dayton Microcomputer Association, Inc. facilitated Computerfest as its major fundraiser. In addition, the DMA had sponsored the Ohio Technology Access Project (OTAP) which distributed more than 6,000 donated, recycled, updated and sometimes customized computers to people with alternate abilities, challenges and special needs—mostly to individuals in Montgomery County and its surrounding counties.

Annual dues for DMA membership are $25 for regular members, and $12.50 for associate members living at the same address.

Linux Special Interest Group (SIG)

Dayton Microcomputer Association Meetup

The Dayton Linux Users Group, a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Dayton Microcomputer Association, meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at Wright State University.  

At our monthly meetings, we may have one or more presentation topics planned, or we simply discuss news and projects of interest to our members. (We’re working on planning presentations for more of our meetings, and could use some volunteers — hint, hint!). Our attendees include anyone from experienced Linux system administrators to those who have been hearing about Linux and want to learn more.

Since we are guests of Wright State University, the building and room for our meetings change.  See our website before venturing out.  The address for our mailing list is available at the same page.

You may park in the visitor parking lot in front of the Student Union.  Enter Wright State at University BLVD and Col. Glenn and turn at the first right.  Park elsewhere at your own risk.  

We also have a after meeting meeting at a local restaurant.  We usually pick Milano's on North Fairfield Road in Beavercreek.

Dayton, OH 45435 - USA

Thursday, December 20 at 7:00 PM


Dynamic Languages Special Interest Group (SIG)

Dayton Microcomputer Association Meetup

You may never need to write a programming language from the ground up - yet you can learn a ton from somebody who has. For our November meeting, Marc Abel showed us the parser for Dayton Dynamic Basic, a loving tribute to both TRS-80 BASIC and our group. In December, he’ll move on to the language implementation itself, showing how a language can be built from the ground up. It’s turtles (of code) all the way down. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you’ll leave a bigger person.

Every month, DDL discusses technology and techniques related to dynamic programming languages: Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and sometimes something more exotic! These languages are fun and easy to get started with, yet powerful enough for all manner of professional use, and our members span the full range of experience with them.

We always leave time for general conversation and questions. Come try one of the most interactive groups around!

The Dayton Dynamic Languages User Group meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Brixx Ice Co. from 7 to 9 PM. We are a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Dayton Microcomputer Association.

Dayton, OH 45402 - USA

Wednesday, December 12 at 7:00 PM


Dynamic Languages / meeting

November 2018: Parsers

Topic: Parsers

Marc Abel presents Parsers!

As you read this sentence, your mind identifies the words, punctuation, and the boundaries of the sentence. Good job - your internal parser is working well.

To write your own languages, you’ll need a parser - whether it’s a full-fledged Turing complete language, or just a tiny special-purpose Domain Specific Language (DSL). Even if you don’t, insight into how code is parsed helps you know and love your programming language better.

Information / LinuxSIG

November Meeting

Thursday, November 15, 2018 @ 7:00pm

Wright State University
Russ Engineering Center, Room 348

R. Travis Rose will present “REP TEK: A Cyber Punk Game in Sc(R)ummVM (cross-platform game engine)”.

  • Set in Ridley Scott & Westwood Studio’s Blade Runner™ universe
  • Fair use/creative commons licensing addressed
  • Game theory motivation(s)
  • Sample video keyframe analysis
  • Overview of Sc(R)ummVM game engine utilizing C++/SDL
  • Game tree analysis
  • Remix+engine+embedded language idea(s)
  • Etc.

T.Rose has a M.S. in Computer Science from Virginia Tech (VT), and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Wright State (WSU). He has worked in industry at GE Aviation as a technical support specialist/systems analyst, and previously for the U.S. Government as a computer scientist at NIST. He has interests in computer graphics and computer animation, multi-lingual and cross-platform programming. Favorite topics include artificial intelligence, machine learning, data driven evaluation, data analysis, video+video gaming, and game theory.