DMA is a 501c3 nonprofit, one of the first computer user groups formed in the nation.
Our mission is to promote interest and knowledge in all facets of computer technology.
We are a valuable resource for all things digital.

General Membership Meeting

TJ Chump’s, 7050 Executive Blvd, Huber Heights OH
Meetings are free. Anyone is welcome to attend.

  • 6:00pm Dinner (optional)
  • 7:00pm Announcements, Tech Tips, & Presentation

Safeguarding Your Digital Estate
Presented by Wayne Fourman

Can I transfer my digital assets so someone can find and use them at my death? It ought to be easy to give the proper person my digital assets when I choose! Many people are uncertain about their financial future and feel overwhelmed. Here’s help that will give you confidence in protecting now and transferring at death your digital assets.
In this practical and interactive talk, you will discover the reasons to pass on your digital assets:

  • Financial Value – proprietary apps and software, bitcoin, business contacts
  • Emotional Value – family photos, documents
  • Social Value – your continued desire to share with a group or community information, knowledge and
  • Privacy Value – only share what you want when you want after your death or incapacity

A plan to guide you through a process to protect and transfer your valuable digital assets:

  • Apps and products to help you protect and transfer your digital assets
  • Tools such as a will, trust, or another document which will provide the path for your beneficiary.

Wayne is an Air Force veteran and Wright State graduate. While in college, he became interested in managing investments and in tax planning. Wayne has been a financial advisor since 1982. He loves teaching and guiding his clients through a process that gives them confidence in living financially healthy, secure lives.

Wayne Fourman, May Financial Group,

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DDL SIG: Python self-study group

General Membership Meeting

DDL SIG: Python self-study group

Saturday, February 29th, 2020
Linux Installfest – hosted by the Linux SIG

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