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Professional Tips on Scanning Photos

Presented by Edwin Davidson

The holiday season is here. And for many of us, that means family gatherings, talk of distant relatives, and remembering that you meant to scan and share that collection of old photos. Or you wanted to compile each of the kids’ school pics and some family photos into albums as gifts for each of them.

Where to start???

Ed is a photography professional who enjoys using film as well as digital photography. He has tips on finding deals in photography equipment. He has advice on how to organize and catalog your collection of photos. Whether you have prints or slides, he’ll explain ways to digitize your collection with and without a scanner. There are many ways to use a scanner, methods to save time scanning, and times when it’s best to choose high quality scans. Ed has tips on how to correct for color and fading in old photos. He also has an unconventional method for digitizing negatives, for those who happen to have boxes and boxes of them.
Edwin Davidson is a long time member of DMA. He has been working in and around the Media for more than 40 years, including two Academy Award nominated films in 1983. Producing videos, slide shows and writing shows since the 1990s, he can work in front of the cameras or behind the scenes in many capacities. Currently self employed as a producer, Ed’s skills include lighting, photography, and writing.

Check back around December 19th for more detail’s about this month’s meeting.

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