Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees for the Dayton Microcomputer Association, Inc. are all volunteers who are elected to their positions. Elections are held annually in September at the DMA General Meeting.

The board usually meets the first Monday of each month at various locations. All DMA members are welcome to attend. To confirm meeting dates and time please refer to the Event Calendar.

Following is a list of those who are serving as trustees on DMA’s board for 2015-2016:

DMA Officers
President Peter Hess 
Vice President Patrick Craig
Treasurer Pat Flynn
Secretary Glady Campion
DMA Trustees
trustee thru 9/2019 Glady Campion
trustee thru 9/2019 Gary Coy
trustee thru 9/2019 Peter Hess
trustee thru 9/2018 Pat Flynn
trustee thru 9/2018 Ken Phellps
trustee thru 9/2018 Ed Skuya
trustee thru 9/2017 Martin Arbagi
trustee thru 9/2017 Gary Turner
trustee thru 9/2017 Jim Ullom

Those who serve in Appointed Positions and as Committee Chairs are also volunteers. While some individuals remain in the position for an undetermined length of time, others, such as Committee Chairs, are appointed to their position by the current President and hold the position until a new President is elected. They are:

DMA Appointed Officials
Audit Committee Glady Campion
Computer Museum Gary Ganger, Curator
Fundraising Committee Peter Hess
Membership Committee Glady Campion
Programs Jim Ullom
Publications Committee Martin Arbagi, The DataBus Editor
Publicity Committee
Gary Coy
Ed Skuya, Chair
Debra McFall
Pat Flynn
Peter Hess
Net Admin Team Pat Flynn
Brent Kerlin
Ken Phelps
Gary Turner, Chair
Web Site Team Brent Kerlin