Installfest Information

One of the things we like to do is help other people use and enjoy Linux. To that end, we sponsor several Installfests each year, where anyone having difficulty installing or configuring Linux (or any Free software, really) can bring their systems and get hands-on help.

Our next Installfest is Saturday, March 1st at Sinclair Community College (rooms 5041 and 5043). Bring your computer, your monitor and your questions, and we’ll help you install, configure or tweak your system to get everything working just the way you want. There will also be talks, snacks and cool folks to hang out with and talk computers.

We’ll have some of the most common Linux distributions on hand, but be sure to let us know if there is a particular distro you want or if you have unusual hardware of some kind. That way, we can try to be prepared to help you. Bringing the monitor you intend to use with your system is best, just to be sure everything works together.

If you have an operating system and/or data already on your system and want to keep it, please be sure to back it up before coming. It’s usually possible to install Linux alongside your current operating system without losing anything, but accidents do happen.

If you have questions beforehand, we encourage you to join our mailing list and ask!

Scheduled Talks:

Please volunteer!
We need people to teach on almost any Linux or Open Source topic. Please contact Gary Turner (gt at dma1 dot org).

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