Club Purpose and Membership

The Dayton Microcomputer Association (DMA for short) is an Ohio non-profit organization dedicated to the education of, and providing information to, microcomputer users and to the general public. DMA members use and own a wide variety of computers and possess various levels of computer experience. Effective February 4, 2003, annual dues are $25 for regular members, which includes a subscription to The DataBus newsletter, and $12.50 for associate members living at the same address. Associate memberships must run concurrently with a regular membership.

DMA General Meeting (Revised Jan. 13, 2012)

Our monthly general meeting is 7pm the last Tuesday each month except December.  You can find our complete meetings list on Meetup group.

Guests are always welcome.

Our monthly general meeting consists of a brief opening, SIG reports, announcements, and a program by a guest speaker.

Board Meeting

The regular DMA Board of Trustees meetings are held on the first Monday of each month.  You can find our complete meetings list on Meetup group.

Board meetings are open to all. Members are welcome.