Dynamic Languages / meeting

December 2018: A Language from Scratch

Topic: A Language from Scratch

Marc Abel presents: A Language from Scratch

You may never need to write a programming language from the ground up - yet you can learn a ton from somebody who has. For our November meeting, Marc Abel showed us the parser for DDL-Basic, a loving tribute to both TRS-80 BASIC and our group. In December, he’ll move on to the language implementation itself, showing how a language can be built from the ground up. It’s turtles (of code) all the way down. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you’ll leave a bigger person.

Dynamic Languages / meeting

November 2018: Parsers

Topic: Parsers

Marc Abel presents Parsers!

As you read this sentence, your mind identifies the words, punctuation, and the boundaries of the sentence. Good job - your internal parser is working well.

To write your own languages, you’ll need a parser - whether it’s a full-fledged Turing complete language, or just a tiny special-purpose Domain Specific Language (DSL). Even if you don’t, insight into how code is parsed helps you know and love your programming language better.

Information / LinuxSIG

November Meeting

Thursday, November 15, 2018 @ 7:00pm

Wright State University
Russ Engineering Center, Room 348

R. Travis Rose will present “REP TEK: A Cyber Punk Game in Sc(R)ummVM (cross-platform game engine)”.

  • Set in Ridley Scott & Westwood Studio’s Blade Runner™ universe
  • Fair use/creative commons licensing addressed
  • Game theory motivation(s)
  • Sample video keyframe analysis
  • Overview of Sc(R)ummVM game engine utilizing C++/SDL
  • Game tree analysis
  • Remix+engine+embedded language idea(s)
  • Etc.

T.Rose has a M.S. in Computer Science from Virginia Tech (VT), and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Wright State (WSU). He has worked in industry at GE Aviation as a technical support specialist/systems analyst, and previously for the U.S. Government as a computer scientist at NIST. He has interests in computer graphics and computer animation, multi-lingual and cross-platform programming. Favorite topics include artificial intelligence, machine learning, data driven evaluation, data analysis, video+video gaming, and game theory.