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Computer Addiction: A Primer

by Jerry Wonderly, Regular Columnist
We've all been there whiling away the hours: A great new PC game or complex productivity software, chat rooms, email, instant messaging, downloading MP3s, and surfing, surfing, surfing the world wide web. Most of us keep our computer usage under control and within reason, but for some, it becomes an addiction...   more  »

National Do Not Call Registry Goes Live October 1

by George Gibbs, Acting Co·Editor, The DataBus
It's finally upon us! Phone numbers registered with the National Do Not Call Registry on or before August 31 will be included when it goes live on October 1, 2003. For numbers registered September 1 and later ...   more  »

DMA® Elections · Candidate Statements

A note from your Editor regarding Nominee Qualification Statements: The nominees' Board of Trustees candidate statements which follow have not been subjected to my usual editing scrutiny aside from adding in, as needed, those pesky (& symbols that people constantly forget ...   more  »

New Windows RPC Flaws Discovered

by George Gibbs, Acting Co·Editor, The DataBus
"Microsoft has announced a patch for a serious security flaw affecting Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows AT and Windows Server 2003. "This is a flaw very similar to the RPC flaw announced in July that led to the MSBlaster email worm, and can lead to the exact same exploit. Be aware that even if you have installed the patch available in July ...   more  »

Game Review · Pocket Tanks Deluxe

by Dan Woodward, Regular Columnist
Every computer system has probably had some form of artillery game, from the Atari all the way up to the PowerPC. I remember playing something called 'Scorched Earth' back in 1990 on my DOS 386 machine. Players usually take on the role of a tank and take turns ...   more  » — An Imperfect Life

By Patrick J Suarez Regular Contributor to The DataBus
Common Sense Deficiency. Recently, I saw a tech news article about a poll that showed that Mozilla, the core Web browser within Netscape Navigator, cannot really compete with Internet Explorer. Time Warner, which gave AOL its walking papers, also released Mozilla ...   more  »

Letters, We Get Letters....

Another View of Spam · a rebuttal to Pat Suarez In the August 2003 issue of The DataBus, Pat Suarez wrote about the hopelessness of dealing with the problem of spam. I wish to offer a different point of view. ...   more  »

Initial Dayton LANfest Was A Success!

by Jim Rowe, Dayton LANfest Coordinator
As the coordinator of Dayton LANfest, I had the luxury to lead a great team of college age members of R.A.G.E. LAN and Dayton LAN in to creating the second largest LAN in southwest Ohio on our first attempt! My team included Warrick Mann from R.A.G.E. LAN (Webmaster and Tournament Coordinator) ...   more  »

 Computerfest® In Pictures

The Deals Guy
Bob (The Cheapskate) Click

I have been working hard to post various articles on my Web site that I think are interesting and well·written items I found in the newsletters I receive. I've had no feedback from anybody on how many are using them and I have no Web log on that site. I don't know if it was all for naught ...   more  »

Volunteers Needed

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