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These comments are presented as an independent study of the lesson to help teacher and student as in the realm of a Sunday morning lesson taught by teachers worldwide. It is meant to supplement and comment on the Hobbs Commentary and the Advanced Bible Study material of the LifeWay Christian Resources. This information is for educational purposes only.

By Marvin Ganote: Adult Bible and Sunday School Teacher / Discipleship Training Instructor


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2. In August 1, 2000 the Life and Work Lessons was replaced with the BIBLE STUDIES FOR LIFE lessons.

Description: Description: Description: W:\hobbs1.jpg  Based upon the work of Dr. Herschel H. Hobbs, 1907-1995, and selected others as I am led to do so by the Holy Spirit. They provide an additional study look into the Life and Work and Life Truths studies for adults based upon Bible study and teaching under the direction of the Holy Spirit since    1960 in SBC churches. I am currently teaching an adult couples Sunday School class. This study or other comments from this web page does not necessarily reflect the views of the SBC, the Baptist Sunday School Board of the SBC, the church’s Sunday School, its staff or its pastor since we believe in the Priesthood of each Believer. I offer a combination book review of this commentary, the Advanced Bible Study commentary, and personal assessments to create a sample teacher's notes and guides from it. It is the same lesson material I use myself. I hold firmly to The Baptist Faith and Message as a faithful statement of what the Bible says. I agree with our seminaries most of the time. I reject Calvinism [See God’s Plan of Salvation below] except for eternal security. See what Dr. Hobbs said about Calvinism. I hold that God’s part of the Plan of Salvation is Grace and the convicting work of the Holy Spirit, and the sinner’s freewill part is Repentance and Faith (Greek definition] as defined in (Acts 20:21 RSV) "testifying both to Jews and to Greeks of repentance to God and of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ."

Note: Occasionally circumstances cause me to forget or delay the posting of the next lesson.

If this happens, please e-mail me and I’ll do it right away.

Note: I am not providing another or different lesson. What I do provide is my teacher personal notes and guides I use for my Adult Advanced Study Sunday School Class.

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NOTE: There is a source for many of Dr. Hobbs’ books. Check out Albris, Used and New books.

I will indefinitely provide full lesson material for the Bible Series For Life. It is the better LifeWay series for Sunday Schools with evangelistic intent.

The Bible Series For Life has less non-traditional author personal and theological influences, in my opinion.


Note: By request, I will continue the TGP series indefinitely.

(I am providing Leader Notes and comments for an advanced study of The Gospel Project sessions, using Dr. Herschel H. Hobbs books and other sources as they are available along with my understandings.

Dr. Hobbs did not write a full commentary on the Bible or books on all the Books of the Bible. He did edit The Teachers Bible Commentary which covers the entire Bible.

[Dr. Herschel H. Hobbs and H. Franklin Paschal, editors, The Teachers Bible Commentary, Broadman & Holman Publishers, 1972])


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THE Critical Issue: The Cancer of the SBC

BEWARE: LifeWay is now openingly offering and promoting Calvinist writings as if they were main-stream SBC and Christianity.

LifeWay does not tell you if their authors at Calvinist in doctrine.

Feedback from LifeWay says Calvinism Material is trustworthy Bible study material 2018 [FALSE!!!]

No wonder their material is so loose and wrong at times.

Latest Example: James Faith and Works. The author and his Village Church are Calvinists!

What the author says on: What Is Unconditional Election?

“The Scriptures teach that God elects individual persons to salvation irrespective of any conditions of will, effort, desire or ability. He is absolutely free to save whomever He so desires and He is absolutely just in His right to do so (Rom. 9:14-15).”

From an author’s Sermon: God Saves [He states God gives (forces) faith upon select people. My comment.]

Flip over to Ephesians 2. “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.” According to the Bible, the faith to believe in that grace isn’t yours either. But the faith to believe in the grace of God found in Jesus Christ was given to you by God so you would have nothing to boast in but the cross of Christ. So if you are a Christian, you have nothing to boast in, nothing to exalt in, nothing to point to outside of Christ and Him crucified. It’s why Paul would say in Galatians 6, “God forbid if I boast in anything other than the cross of Christ.” It’s all you have if you’re a believer in Christ.”


Calvinism: An Old False Doctrine Gone Modern

Root Doctrine of All Calvinism Versions per Calvinist Theologian Wayne Grudem

Calvinist theologian Wayne Grudem defines reprobation as “the sovereign decision of God before creation to pass over some persons, in sorrow deciding not to save them, and to punish them for their sins, and thereby to manifest his justice.”1 The doctrine of reprobation, which is essential to Calvinism as the necessary corollary to the doctrine of unconditional election, 2 asserts that there is a certain group of persons who have never been and will never be the objects of God’s redeeming love regardless of whether or not they hear the gospel. God has determined not to give this certain group of individuals the grace and faith necessary for salvation. He does not base this determination to withhold grace and faith on anything having to do with the reprobate persons themselves. He withholds grace and faith from them simply because it brings him the most glory. [*]

The jolting but unavoidable reality is that Calvinism teaches that the one and only reason that the lost are not saved is that “God does not want them saved.” 3 Indeed, Grudem’s definition is quite clear on this point: reprobation[*] is God’s “sovereign decision . . . before creation . . . not to save them.””

Calvinism in any form states God has chosen many humans to not allow them to have saving faith.

Calvinism says God is GLORIFIED by creating humans who have no choice and will be sent to Hell to burn in the eternal Lake of Fire.

[*]This is blasphemy in its worst form!

Calvinism totally rejects (2 Pet 3:9 RSV) "The Lord is not slow about his promise as some count slowness, but is forbearing toward you,

not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance."

(“All” in Greek means the whole, i.e. whosoever)

See the Best current Scholarly Refuting of Calvinism by Dr. Eric Hankins, PhD

My Position on Calvinism Growth in the SBC and the Baptist Faith and Message

The Baptist Faith and Message and Calvinism - Totally incompatible!

See what Dr. Hobbs said about Calvinism

See what Dr. Hobbs said about Election

LifeWay Sermons on the Baptist Faith and Message. I partially agree with these sermons, since they have changed. I reject Calvinism, 5-point or 4-point or any new or revised version, except for eternal security, as Paul stated it in EPH 1:13-14.

Note this extract on Election sermon 8: “The reason the nature and basis of election are not defined is because Baptist have never really ever been able to agree on the basis and nature of election. There are some things upon which we will only find agreement in heaven, there are some things which God has chosen not to reveal to us and finally there are some things upon which we all seem to agree.” What an appalling position that LifeWay and the SBC has taken! Most importantly, this erroneous doctrine of election by Calvinism ignores the fundamental truth that God endowed human beings with freedom of choice. God tells us who he elects in John 3:18!


God’s Plan of Salvation

Minimum Requirements and the Plan of Salvation

Also see the critical SBC pamphlet Make Jesus Lord

The Baptist Faith and Message text on SBC site. I hold firmly to what the Bible says.

SBC’s How to Become a Christian is right except for their Suggested Prayer which is counter to their Scripture use.


Special Studies

(To save space on this page, I will put these studies on separate web pages while putting the subjects here)

40 Days of Purpose


Codes Used in Revelation

My Decoding of Revelation Based on the RSV


Comments and Thoughts


Terrorists and Doctrine

Thoughts from an Afghani-American

Air Force Chaplain Defines Islam

Air Force Chaplain Explains True Jihad and Islam

Baptist Faith and Message

Please read: Stating Baptist Doctrine: When Is It Meddling?

The SBC has now turned the Baptist Faith and Message into a CREED! Woe to us!

Dr. Herschel H. Hobbs said that the Baptist Faith and Message (BF&M) comprises “basic elements of faith generally agreed upon by Southern Baptists.” Further the 1962 Southern Baptist Convention, meeting in San Francisco, adopted a motion to revise the 1925 BF&M and declared in item (5) of the statements in the BF&M “(5) That they are statements of religious convictions, drawn from the Scriptures, and are not to be used to hamper freedom of thought or investigation in other realms of life.”

In the Dallas Morning News of Saturday February 2, 2002 was an article that “Southern Baptist missionaries were asked this week to affirm the specifics of their beliefs with a signature.” These beliefs are defined by the 2000 BF&M. The Dayton Daily New, April 18, 2003 ran the Associated Press stating “The Southern Baptist Convention has told its overseas missionaries they have until May 5 to affirm the denomination’s revised statement of faith…Rankin sent letters to 25 missionaries asking them to affirm the statement, resign from their posts, or face possible dismissal.”

Dr. Hobbs wrote a book in 1971 entitled “THE BAPTIST FAITH AND MESSAGE” to help Southern Baptists understand more fully the BF&M. He stated then that Baptists have always solved the problem faith differences “by adhering to the principle of the competency of the soul in religion.” He wrote on page 11 about the state of the faith of Southern Baptists that it is “a living faith rather than a creedal one. The tensions created by these differences have kept their faith vibrant. In all likelihood the only thing that would divide Southern Baptists with regard to their faith would be for one group – to the right or left of center or even in the center – to attempt to force upon others a creedal faith. So long as they hold to the competency of the soul in religion they will remain as one body in faith. The very differences which disturb some will serve as counterbalances between extremes with the vast majority remaining in between as always.”

The SBC leadership has now done what Dr. Hobbs feared. They have turned the BF&M into a CREED to define whether a person, a missionary, and a group are proper Southern Baptists. Unless they immediately stop, and return to the long held Baptist belief of the competency of the soul in religion, the SBC will continue to go against John 17:21-23 and hinder the witness that is the core of the SBC. I am thoroughly Baptist, but the BF&M to me is not a creed and the 2000 version has some wrong doctrine. I cannot affirm it as a correct statement of my faith. I can do so with the 1963 statement.

Dr. Hobbs, in his book, page 13 wrote “Baptists have always shied away from anything that resembled a creed or a statement of beliefs to which people were forced to subscribe.” Then on page 16 he wrote: “No, the 1963 statement of the Baptist faith and message is not a creedal statement.” Unfortunately this is not the case today with the SBC leadership. [Dr. Hobbs was booed at the 1980 SBC Convention because he tried to call for a renewed commitment to evangelism and commitment. The SBC today is doing this to our fine missionaries, WHERE WILL THEY STOP? Who will they go after next? It is overtime to get back to being Baptists who hold no creeds nor force a statement of subscription. The future of the SBC is in balance at this moment. It is extremely serious. The purging has begun: MASSACHUSETTS--IMB trustees terminate service of 13 for refusal to affirm BF&M.

If you can find it, read the Position Report Dr. Hobbs’ former church (First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City) had to take to uphold the Historical Tenets of the Baptist Faith. Note that they used the work of Dr. Hobbs as a major resource. This is never easy or popular, but true doctrine must be upheld. I agree with their report, as a past member of the FBC of OKC and Bible teacher. [This Position Report is no longer posted by First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City.]


The expected justification of this is revision of the BF&M is underway. As is the expected statements like “While dismissing the Baptist Faith and Message as a creed, critics likewise demean it for supposedly attempting to change Southern Baptist beliefs. In reality, the 2000 BF&M has not changed any beliefs at all. Recent revisions have simply spoken to contemporary issues by confessing what the Bible has always taught -- and Southern Baptists have always believed and practiced -- about the role of pastoral leadership and the spiritual order of the home and to affirm that the entire Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God, not just that spoken by and with reference to Jesus, all of which have been under attack by postmodern thinking.” This is by Jerry Rankin, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board, at

The Word of God is infallible, but the ability of people to always read and understand it correctly is not. The holding of certain positions within the SBC does not give the holder any automatic stamp on what is pronounced as “thus says the Lord” any more than it does for the Pope. Nor does the majority automatically have it either. Again note Dr. Hobbs’ words above. The 2000 BF&M has been changed to enhance male authority and not to clarify what the Bible states. E.Y. Mullins did make it clear in 1925 that the original Baptist Faith and Message stated this was definitive confession of faith that was to be an instrument of doctrinal accountability for preachers, professors and those representing the denomination. But a confession of faith is not a creed. It is statements of religious convictions. It is valid only when it is Biblically correct. I hold to the 1925 BF&M with no reservation, as I do the 1963 revision. Dr. Rankin seems to ignore Dr. Hobbs’ statements as the chairman 1963 committee. Certainly there has to be definite statements of correct belief that positions sent out under the name of the SBC must hold. But any such statement must be Biblically correct for this testing to be valid.

The Baptist General Convention of Texas is the first state to get it right about the 1998 amendment about wives and husbands.


Bible Study by Books

Listen to the Bible Read - Excellent (Click Listen to the Bible in the bottom box)

Here is a list of resources that give the correct view on Revelation, whether by Dr. Hobbs or others.


MARRIAGE DEFINITION: Amen to the Vatican. Quotes: “the certainty that marriage exists solely between a man and a woman”; “Marriage is holy, while homosexual acts go against the natural moral law…. Under no circumstances can they be approved… Sacred Scripture condemns homosexual acts “as a serious depravity...”; “Nonetheless, according to the teaching of the Church, men and women with homosexual tendencies “must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided”.(7) They are called, like other Christians, to live the virtue of chastity.(8) The homosexual inclination is however “objectively disordered”(9) and homosexual practices are “sins gravely contrary to chastity”.(10)”


So get ready and stay ready! WITNESS DAILY! Show you want Jesus to come today.

 Study HELPS:

Best Study Guide: How to Study the Bible Principles with Bible Study Sources by Orin T. Binkley

Best Translation of the New Testament (but not perfect): THE NEW TESTAMENT in the Language of the People, Translated from the Greek by CHARLES B. WILLIAMS

The Scriptures and Understanding Them

Other Helps

Fine Low Cost Computer Bible Software: Power Bible CD



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