The Dayton Microcomputer Association, Inc. (DMA) is a computer user group and a 501c(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to promote interest in and knowledge of all facets of computer technology, to encourage education in computing technologies, and provide a medium for communication between individuals, product developers, and the public. 


  • Lifelong Learning
  • Innovation
  • Support
  • Integrity
  • Inclusion
  • Diversity


TERM: 11/2020 thru 10/2021
President              Gary Coy
Vice-President       Edwin Davidson
Treasurer             Glady Campion
Secretary             Pat Flynn


TERM: 10/2019 thru 9/2022
Glady Campion
Edwin Davidson
Peter Hess

TERM: 10/2020 thru 9/2023
Chester Howes
Ed Skuya
Ken Phelps

TERM: 10/2021 thru 9/2024
Gary Coy
Dave Schwab
Gary Turner

Appointed Officials

Audit Committee                 Glady Campion, Chair

Computer Museum              Gary Ganger, Curator

Fundraising Committee        Peter Hess, Chair

Marketing Committee           Peter Hess, Chair
                                         Pat Flynn

Membership Committee       Glady Campion, Chair

Programs Committee          Peter Hess, Chair

Publications Committee        Martin Arbagi, DataBus Editor

SIG Liason                          Open

Net Admin Team                 Gary Turner, Chair
                                         Ken Phelps
                                         Pat Flynn
                                         Mark Camden

Website Team                     Ken Phelps
                                         Glady Campion
                                         Pat Flynn
                                         Mark Camden                                        


Association of PC User Groups (APCUG)             www.apcug2.org
Affiliate Societies Council (ASC) of Dayton          www.ASCdayton.org