DMA Needs


We are a “generalist” computer user group, which to us means that we have a single monthly meeting which has speakers presenting a variety of topics. We also offer to the computer curious, numerous Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which meet on other days every month on a variety of subjects with which computers are used, including Genealogy, Investment, Linux, Classic (Legacy) Computers, Python and Dynamic Computer Languages.
Most of our members are either: current technical employees from a range of businesses; semi-retired technicians, who are complementing their pensions with occasional technical work; or, retired individuals who wish to remain up to date with technology. Our meeting guest’s interests vary from close to all of that, to the “just curious.”

Our member’s computer experience ranges from small room-sized Cray computers to the current Raspberry Pi models. The audience will probably be only adults. Though inquisitive youth, curious about the newest computer developments are welcome to attend, we seldom see youngsters at our meetings.

Our meeting attendees are typically inquisitive, resourceful, and technologically intelligent. Regarding consumer products, our members are typically early adopters and influencers.

Since the pandemic began, our monthly group in-person meetings transitioned to Zoom online meetings. As Ohio quarantine limitations have been gradually lifted, our meetings have evolved into being hybrid. Though we have some of our brave members gather in-person in small groups, all recent meetings have had our presenter and many of our attendees meet with us via Zoom, from all over the country. All of our meetings are free and open to the public and since we belong to an International organization which supports computer user groups, many “sister” groups forward our meeting announcements to their members.

Since we began using Zoom, all of our meetings have been recorded and posted on our YouTube channel for use by our members and the curious who cannot attend our live meetings.

The type of presentation we are looking for is one which might be offered at a trade show breakout room lasting about an hour (not including questions). Our general meetings take place on the last Tuesday of each month. And the presentation, which we are requesting to last for about an hour, would begin after a brief introduction beginning at 7:00 PM Eastern and could last until about 8:30 PM because of questions.

Our membership has expressed an interest in the following presentation topics:

  • Bitcoin and Blockchain.
  • Virtualization.
  • Deep Fake videos.
  • Streaming video.
  • Car hacking.
  • Advanced Chromebooks.
  • The Apple M1 chip.
  • Recent hacks and processes addressed by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.
  • Online meeting tools, different from Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
  • The Center for Humane Technology.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • GDPR European Security Laws.
  • And any other subject you feel our members would like to learn.


Larger membership rolls enable us to get even better speakers. Also, our reasonable membership fees enable us to do even more of what we already do.

Member benefits include:

  • Proactive e-mailings of presentation topics, monthly schedules, event announcements and Zoom links.
  • Monthly general meeting door prize opportunities.
  • Member-only events (individual member guests are welcome).
  • Product discounts.


The DMA is an all-volunteer led and run 501c(3) nonprofit organization.

Volunteering is the best way to learn a new task and not stress about the consequences of losing a salary. Volunteering is the best way for an individual to support the community through a minimum amount of effort. Volunteering is the best way to meet like-minded individuals curious about technology (through our organization).

The DMA is a 501c(3) 45-year-old non-profit computer user group-organization dedicated to educating the inquisitive community about all types of technology.

Marketing Aide(s) (sub-subcategory)

The DMA needs a volunteer or small group of volunteers to assist the DMA Marketing Chair with the monthly task of publicizing the organization’s numerous events.

In addition to its web site (, the publicity tools the DMA uses at this time include its FaceBook, LinkedIn, and MeetUp pages in addition to a liberal distribution of news releases. The more talented candidates can also help with the creation and distribution of news releases. Additional publicity tools are likely to be used with the welcoming of talented volunteers.

Candidate will work at the direction from and review by the Marketing Chair, an experienced publicist for individuals and a range of non-profit organizations.

  • Attention to detail along with accurate computer entry is required.
  • DMA membership is desired, but not required.
  • Minimal computer experience, with an interest in gaining additional knowledge, is required.
  • Writing talents are desired, but not required.
  • Knowledge and use of online meeting tools, such as Zoom, is desired—but training is available on this and other products from DMA volunteers.
  • Graphics arts experience, such as the creation of fliers and posters is a plus.

Estimated monthly commitment: five hours maximum for placement of copy in news outlet’s web site entry forms and approximately ten hours if creating news release copy or graphic arts.

This is a great position for an intern seeking school credit or just wishing to pursue additional knowledge. Those from high school age, through retirement age, who wish to help their community learn more about current and future technology, are welcome to apply through the form at our contact us page (

Other Volunteer Positions

Also, if you feel that the DMA needs help with an unstated project, please feel free to contact the DMA leadership through the form at and let us know what you would like to do.

Equipment Donations

If you have new or usable current technology, our members can benefit from your product donation. The DMA offers door prizes at every one of our general meetings, and some of our other meetings or events, the DMA gives door prizes to lucky members whose numbers are drawn.

The product which DMA members cannot use is passed on to organizations such as Goodwill, Access Project, or other organizations for either redistribution or for recycling. Other products can also be sold via eBay or other outlet and the proceeds will go to the DMA so it can provide even better services to the community.

Since the DMA is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, your donations may be tax deductible.

Money Help

There are many ways in which one can direct funds to the DMA. Some of these approaches may not even cost the generous! If you would like to help the DMA to do more for the community, please feel free to contact DMA leadership through the contact-us form at Contact us – Dayton Microcomputer Association ( OR:

  • Make purchases through and identify the Dayton Microcomputer Association, Inc. as the organization you feel should benefit from your supplier loyalty.
  • Make purchases at Dorothy Lane Market and identify the Dayton Microcomputer Association, Inc. as the organization you feel should benefit from your supplier loyalty. The DMA’s account number is: