This page is not posted or linked from the website.
This is old pages, links, or posts for review weather DMA wants to use any of this.

Items to be review & discussed

About page – Removed link to the “In Memoriam” paged on the About page until future discussion.

Projects page – removed from the menu until further discussion. No activity on this page for updates.


The following have been copied to the DMA WP website. This should be deleted from DreamHost somewhere.  This page is not used anymore, this will be deleted. Legacy website – Databus. All old newsletters have been copied to the WP website under the archived newsletters. I will have Brent deleted the legacy pages after the new archive page has been reviewed.

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Events – Dayton Microcomputer Association Meetup – The DMA Meetup feed pulls in the date the events was created & not the date of the event.

The following are related to DMA Posts. I’m current researching a better way of presenting the posts on the website or using a plugin for displaying information from Meetup, Facebook, etc. 😎 

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